Past, future and
earth safety

Scientists are already worried about the certainty that humans will have to live at other planets in far future, as planet Earth will not be habitably forever. However, they ignore that our planet could not only be an interersting destination for aliens in past but also in future. For example if an imminent supernova forces them to emigrate to another solar system. If planet Earth will be focused by aliens for this reason some day, it will definetely cause the biggest disaster of mankind. Possibly even sealing their end.

In chapter "Kindgom of God on Earth" in the book "Jacob's Sky Ladder was a Space Elevator" ("Jakobs Himmelsleiter war ein Weltraumlift") the preference for this imaginary kindom given from religious side is exposed to be a fatal mistake. Should this announce to happen neither God, Jahveh nor Allah will establish their kindom on Earth, but creatures from another solar system. And they will not be interested in humans who may be rather unpleasant or disturbing, but solely in planet Earth.

That is why everyone is faced with the question which version is more probable and has more substance? Based on convincing indications there only remains a clear vote for the return of extraterrestrial occupants. If only some of these indications will be evaluated as eventuality by the scientific side, acutally all alarm bells should ring. Because thereby the possiblity of a future invasion of aliens at our planet will increase dramatically.

As long as mankind exists, the latent danger of an imperial tenure on Earth by aliens is a no longer ignorable scenario that needs to grow to a security relevant subject, because of its real possibility. This has nothing to do with panicmongering, but it is time to call attention to the though not acute but latent defencelessness of the Earth. As mankind currently is not about to be prepared for such an incident, the movement "Planet-2101" shall animate scientists and libertines as well as far sighted polit professionals to take an active part in this forum to bring about an imperatively necessary radical paradigm change in political and social sectors.


The book was published in 2012 through Amra-Verlag ( Therein it is year 2101 when aliens arrive in our solar system. Their arrival is described subjunctively with all its far reaching consequences. Of course 2101 only is a notional date and certainly there will be no threat for our planet by aliens until then. Unfortunately there are many irrelevant views regarding aliens, but according to physical facts interstallar space travelling will only be practised if a search for new life space is indispensable, no matter then by aliens or by humans sometime.

Qualitative and quantative mankind memories advert to the fact that planet Earth was a destination for such a venture ages ago. Authentic "reportages" all over the world relate unambiguously to a rise to outer space with a technical unit that has an amazing identity to the NASA project "Space elevator", referring to its marked components as the launching tower that goes up till the outer atmospheric layers, the harness and the interstations up to the terminal at the geostationary point. The reason for using a Space Elevator in prehistoric times can be proven based on scientific facts, simply because its longterm usage. If there would exist the aim to emigrate to another planet one precondition would be to test the survival extensively over the generations. The emigrant would need to adapt himself anatomically and physiologically to the new planet. And as far as humans will be in such a situation there will be no marginal differences. Because of safety and energetic aspects the sole perfect device for such a venture is a Space Elevator.


Thereunto some passages out of chapter "The Space Elevator in the Mythology": The biblical Enoch describes in the apocrypha how he has been brought to a tower that protruded high above the Earth. During the following rise into outer space he saw the biggest rivers and islands. In the weather forecast on TV depressions sometimes extent from ocean to terra firma. That was what Enoch saw too and he remarked: "Land and water no longer were distinguishable". Prophet Jeremiah's secretary Baruch describes that the higher he rose the bigger got the distances from one station to another. At one station he met strange creatures. His companion told him: "That are the those who gave the advice to built the tower." Summary: No longer it is spoken about transcendental beings of God but obviously about technicians and engineers. Also Gilgamesh and Enkidu admired the "bright tower that can already be seen from a distance". After the Hurrian-Hittite mythology the connection between sky and earth had a height of 9000 miles.

The sumerian Etana ("who rose into the sky") needed realistic 12 hours to the terminal. Meanwhile he was called on describing his view of the Earth all two hours. And if the Vimanas in the Indian Mahabharata reached a speed of 400 Yojanas (= 1815 mph), the shuttle vehicle arrived at the terminal Sabhas in 22236.38 miles distance within the same time. Sabhas was situated permanently in the same position above the Earth. NASA intends to mount the elevator from above in outer space. That was no news for the Mapuches: "The platforms have been created in down order starting from the terminal". Because of these and other reports there should stay hardly any doubts on a prehistoric Space Elevator, except our ancestors were fancifulness.
The oldest texts of mankind written by Echeduanna more than 4,300 years ago seem plausible only in connection with a space lift. “Your tower, the big building, is an excellent construction. Besides, a tremendous launching pad is mentioned with a large hall. To go with it there was a floating shuttle in space not meant for landing on earth, by which they managed rising and descending traffic on a standard path in a smaller gadget. Docking in the sky was done in a loading bay that closed like a trap. Take-off and landing were performed partly upwards from the midst of a building or from above into the midst of the building, more often from an upper platform described as a turning point, on which smaller accommodations could be found.” These precise technical details can technically be brought about today but couldn’t have been invented at that time. Because of these and further reports a pre-historic space lift can hardly be doubted.

There are more evidences in context to a stay of aliens with its impacts and catenations in the period 13,000 to 11,000 B.C. They are just waiting for a scientifical reconsideration without any practiced dogmatism with absolutized findings.

• About 11,000 B.C. there copped up extreme climate changes all over the world within shortest time. The ice age ended in North America and started in the opposite Siberia. The same happened in the Antarctic. This scenario is only logically explainable by an abrupt displacement of the lithosphere at the magma bearing caused by a close encounter of planet-sized objects, by what the poles moved to another geographical position.

• The mankind memories also contain many convincing evidences for those events. And if there once will be an acknowledgment for a pole displacement by 994 miles after the Indian Vedas, the position for the elevator to outer space would have been found in the cut mountains at Nazca at the former equator. So Enoch may describe at his journey to the Space Elevator station: "They showed me big and high alps and rigid rocks in the west. There were four wide squares in the alps, extended to depth and width and very plane." On Earth only exists a single place where Enoch's description applies: Nazca!


The trapezoidal area that passes into a long line could absolutely symbolize a lift system with launching tower and harness. Did the cut mountains serve as main pillars for the launching tower?


• Is asteroid Ida the fragment of an exploded planet crust? If it is from planet Venus, there would be no more doubts for extraterrestrial visitors.

Normally asteroids are unshaped formations. The 35 miles long asteroid Ida does probably not fit in this schema. Therefore the question: Is it possible that the already called grazile form on its right side has been conglomerated by dust and matter particles?


• Even astronomers fear that the objects 1991-VG and 2010-KQ are left extraterrestrial probes that observe the Earth for long.

The NASA chart shows the strange trajectory of the close to Earth object 2010-KQ in year 2010 that shall have been changing its position and speed on its own.

Thereunto some other chapters out of the contents:
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Even if all presented speculations could be refuted empirically, it still stays the continuous danger of a tenure by an extraterrestrial civilisation. But how would planet Earth need to be armed for this eventuality? Unfortunately there is no cosmic land registry that allows the humans the sole right of use for Earth. Would that be a reason for preparing militarily against extraterrestrial invaders? Definitely, because the aliens will pursue their objectives forcefully. They will never be friends of the humans or tolerate a cosmic multiculturalism model. The billions of humans will not a bit fit in their concept.

Furthermore nobody really knows if there has already been given a judgement about the terrestrial inhabitants on a far away planet. Even if it must not be associated, the biblical prophecy of Zephania: "Yes, I want to wipe out the humans from planet Earth" could become sardonic reality. The very targeted asteroid impact would be enough for it.

Anyway, should a extraterrestrial expedition reach our solar system some day, the Earth will be drawn in an apocalyptic chaos. Public authorities would sparely be able to use their given legislative and executive vote. Particularly democratic states would not be able to hold the anarchical conditions that will extend dramatically. This should not be a pro for a dictatorship, but the steady thinking and acting in election periods exposes to be a big drawback of such regimes. More than strange is the thougt that after an obligatory election a new foreign minister who was e.g. farming minister in a former government should have the skills to negotiate with aliens. Or did we only underestimate the brilliancy of career politicians?

That shows the whole dilemma of current political systems against the event of an extraterrestrial contact. It exists a UNO, but no world regime that would eventually be able to carry on structural negotiations with them in outer space. Those should less be dominated by politicians but predominantly by humanists and scientists. Like the Greek philosopher Plato demanded in his 'The Republic'. Certainly this constellation would be better to react to the hypothetical emergency and work out structural security models.

All previous political systems, the dictatorial, monarchistic as well as democratical ones including the religions were incessantly involved in useless warfares, genocide and terrorism in the course of the history. Looking into the future, there would be nearly no changings but rather worsenings by the turn of the century. Then the Earth would be an extremely overcrowded planet with more than ten billion people and billions of them vegetating in misery. Economic interests regarding raw materials and water as well as ideological motives still will be causes for wars.

Though this would mean a restricton of the states' sovereignity it will not mean a disadvantage for their own identity. Country-specific interests still will be up to the respective governments. The UN is not able to take an active part to override injustices, neither in present nor in future. Almost disastrous is the behavior of the Security Council if a dictator tortures and murders thousands of civilians by his armed forces. Just because some member of the council has economic interests to the corresponding country or is politically close to it. So in general there will be no intervention. Only under a patronage of a constituted world regime it will be possible to change these conditions to end that farce. That includes:

• To enforce the UN charter including the general declaration of human rights all over the world, so that freedom, justice, social security and peace no longer will be flowery phrases. Simultaneously article 14 (political asylum) would be superfluous. This preamble, written after World War II, was not able to avoid that war and genozide took another million of human lifes down to the present day. To avoid more warfares or oppression of the own folk by corrupt potentates by means of their armed forces, only one world regime should be allowed to have a low but effective military contingent, while all countries only have dictated police units.

• A further basic condition is the unconditional protection of the environment. According to experience different staates are not capable to a common consensus, because of egoistic self-interests. As already documented by the climate dispute. According to an environmental study of the UN the 3000 biggest groups of companies of the world damage rigorously the world's natural resources. That causes damages caused to the environment in heights of billions each year. Therefore it is completey unacceptable that countrysides and oceans are harmed and ripped off unrestrained only because of profit greed. Furthermore scientists would have to make a revision of our planet to reveal for how many humans planet Earth can offer acceptable life conditions without unduly stressing its environment and resources. Base on that worldwide birth quota should be defined and kept.

• Our terrestrial cohabitants are teased and mistreated millionfoldly every day. Therefore a global security and welfare oriented husbandry of animal species is equally imperative. With good reasons this obligation must not be up to single states.

• The anachronism that states are militarily high armed and eager to war needs to become a thing of the past. It would always be more reasonable to invest only a small percentage of the worldwide immensely high annual costs of currently 1600 billion US-Dollars for an installed transnational Earth defence including a preventive asteroid control. Presently the USA that are plunged in debts with more than 14000 billion dollars are the lonely leader with nearly 700 billion dollars. At the moment it would be an absurd idea for the USA to abolish their army step-by-step. Needless to say that they would be one of the last to follow this path. However, not only U.S. citizens would profit by using the money of military expenses for more useful purposes. So also to the dismantling of the worldwide indebtedness including a regulation of the financial markets.

Of course you will reply that it is only a visionariness far away from reality. But if year 2101 would be a fixed point, there would remain a period of 90 years. It is not a 100 years ago when France and Germany sacrificed their youngs in a useless war. The good situation between these two countries today needs to be transferred to the whole globe. Mainly in economical strong and populous nations the internet can help to propagate the main ideas of this movement, as done during the revolutions in the Arab World. Then there will open up the chance that the vision of a better community on earth can become reality.

So it would be great if integer characters would get involved in the movement "Planet 2101". having the outlook to found parties that are – in contrary to the traditional ones – geared pragmatically and free from any ideology, one day. Those parties will consequently seek for a paradigm change in the named problematic cases. Also a mental change from the geocentric horizon to a cosmic awareness needs to be involved in this inention. Base on that many terrestrial problems appear trivially and are easier to solve then. Only by this symbiotic relatioship the terrestrial inhabitants will become aware of the wonderful planet they live at and that the Earth is worth to be protected and defended.

At the moment no regime or party considers the danger of an occupation by aliens. However, this blatant carelessness must not last. Even if Matthew meant that God was no alien, his saying in chapter 24 verse 44 should endure forever: "Be ready then; for at a time which you have no thought of he will come."

Martin Heinrich

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